vendredi 25 septembre 2009

Les cheveux de la poupée, catalogue École des loisirs

Eva Almassy

has the magical gift of

beauty, a breath, an

impulse, a secret

ensconced in words.

Few writers have this.

When she talks about

something, it is lit up

from the inside, and

when she writes novels,

they become essential

moments in our lives.

Why? Because she

knows how to put

herself in that place.

Doll's Hair

For her tenth birthday Charlotte got to choose a

doll from her uncle's collection. It was impossible

to pick one, and then suddenly, there she was: the

perfect doll, with her beautiful, sad smile, her eyes

that rolled, and her shiny human hair.

At night in the dark of her bedroom, Charlotte

and the doll talked to each other. They loved each

other. They resembled one another, like two sisters,

like a mother and her child.

Charlotte's friend, Marianne, knew things that

made you mature. Adult stories. How dolls are

made, for example, with dead people's hair.

Marianne told Charlotte things, but Charlotte

didn't understand. It wasn't possible. All of those

horrors, the words tumbling out, images that

damage you. Charlotte had to find out the truth.

But the doll, this child of the dead, was still there.

dimanche 2 août 2009

William Singespeare

Autoportrait de tout écrivain : le singe dactylographe.